Furs -

When your fur comes to your home, we advise you to suspend it to resume its normal shape after being wrapped and to allow the excess fur to come off. When you wear your fur for the first time, you may notice that loose fur leaves some hair on your clothes. You can remove them by hand or with a lint roller.

Do not lock your fur in a garment bag, especially a plastic bag, that does not bring in air. Fur needs air circulation to prevent skin from drying out and splitting.
When wearing your coat, avoid keeping your shoulder bag too long, in the long run it could damage your hair.
Avoid using perfume or household products on your fur as much as possible.

For the maintenance of your fur, we advise you to have it cleaned by a professional fur cleaner. Professional cleaning will add shine to the fur.

If your fur is wet from rain / snow, allow it to dry naturally before storing. Do not use hair dryers or direct heat on the fur.

Due to the use of natural fur, please note that fur clothing may differ slightly in color depending on:
Filters used by applications, brightness of computer / phone / display, day / night lighting, daylight / indoor lighting